Goth Top for the Vampire Chronicles event

Another attempt at fitmesh clothing, this time in a sort of Goth/Vampire style for the Vampire Chronicles event. I have learnt more about rigging, and it contains two versions, as the shoulder is slightly differently rigged, and v2 handles some animations better. Still, you might like v1 better, so I left it inside the packs. Should fit Maitreya and TMP bodies, I have not experimented with others, but please let me know in the comments.

Grab the FREE black version at the event, and buy some colored copies for 50L if you like them :). There is also a fatpack with all colors for 299L for the fashion savvy!


A set of Faery Poses

This spring inspired set can be purchased on the marketplace for 299L, or individually for 50L inworld or on mp.

Please post to Lar’s Poses and/or the comments here if you display the poses on your pics, I would love to see them 🙂


The Magician Cape @ Create your own Tarot

Of course I had to experiment with rigging more, and it is not a pleasure ride, especially for a beginner like me. But I wanted to make this work, and I am happy with the result for now. This piece is basically intended for photo shoots, and not all poses will look good with it, but some might look really good :).

If interest is raised, I can make a color changing version, for now I went for a few basic colors: Black, red and blue.

There will be a Dark Fae event soon, and for that I am trying to come up with a female variation with probably different and more detailed textures and probably more variations in “fake movement of cloth.”




Please let me know in the comments below if you feature the item in your pics, blogposts 🙂

Liquid Top for my first Kreepy Kawaii event

I learnt how to rig and create fitmesh clothing in the recent days, and the current Kreepy Kawaii event inspired my first such garment which I called the Liquid Top. The dripping effects in the Kreepy Kawaii fashion intrigued me, the mesh and texture are both my very own design. I am rather happy with the result, I hope you like it too! 🙂

I like the fact that it hides the probable glitch between face skins and mesh bodies if you have such. I have only tested it with the Maitreya Lara body and the standard SL body, but please let me know if you need modifications and I will try my best to come up with variations.

Grab them at the Kreepy Kawaii event for 77L each, or 350L for the Fatpack.

I think I will add some dark red “blood” colours for the weekend.

The Fool Collection for Create your own Tarot

thefool_vendorpicshoes thefool_vendorpic_collarfatpack

thefool_vendorpic_pasties thefool_vendorpic_thong thefool_vendorpic_creatorkit thefool_vendorpic_cuffs

The Fool Collection

  • Wrist Cuffs (Fatpack: 123 L)
  • Nipple Pasties (Fatpack: 123L)
  • Thong (Fatpack: 123L)
  • Collar (Fatpack: 277 L / 2 Colour packs: 77 L)
  • Shoes (Fatpack: 277 L / 4 Colour packs: 77 L)
  • Creator Kit with full perm textures and mesh bells (123L)

Collection available @ Lar’s Workshop now that the event is over.

Pick the demos to see what fits how, especially with the thong. These are non-rigged, non-fitted meshes. If you make any pics with these accessories, please share them in comments below, or include them in the following Flickr groups:

Coloured packs for the Collar:

16762815526_41a8488e57_o 16601104258_f99ab8e491_o 16168750593_69f5461398_o 16601317920_2907130f76_o 16601104098_da99ba9d9b_o

New blog, new poses

In 2010 I have created Lar’s Workshop on marketplace, when I was unemployed for a few months.  Though I have a job now, I am able to spend more time on creating, and have spent the last month to learn Blender in more detail to prepare meshes for SL. For the sake of nostalgia, I am keeping the old blog here.

This year, inspired by the Create your own Tarot event I am back to creating with a vengeance, and hopefully will stay for a while. I decided to start the new phase with this new blog.

2015 started for me with a few poses, please see my vendor pics below with the marketplace links, or check the poses inworld.

Presentation (with mirrored version)


Lar’s Whirl


Good morning Starshine

GoodmorningstarshineVendor GoodmorningstarshineVendor2